Nirvana Memorial Poem

15th February 2024

Nirvana´s  true meaning from ancient times to present unchanging

Knowing about death, awakening to life – the joy of a Bodhisattva

In gratitude receiving the Dharma Body as eternal Buddha


Everyone will return home to this great peace

Memorial Poem on the occasion of Shakyamuni´s Paranirvana


The body of the Buddha is lying down, the head towards the north, the face towards the east, yet it is about the world of satori. The true meaning of Nehan is our life, is satori, the true awakening.

The Buddha is showing his dying body and is giving the teaching of how we as humans should be living our life. Bringing joy to all life forms and not regretting a single moment. This true meaning does not change from the past until now, not even the slightest bit.

Knowing about your own death and to truly be alive – that is satori – the joy of a Bodhisattva. All people in training are Bodhisattvas.

We receive this in great thankfulness. The Dharma body of no form is awakening, A statue was build yet as a reminder for us to experience this great awakening, this eternally not dying Buddha. Even an extremely hard stone will be worn down, will get dirty. And break. That without form cannot break in endless time.

Everyone eventually will need to enter this settled state of mind.

This is the reason the buddha statue was made.