Update fotos from our training life in the monastery....

Marathon October

Basti has been guiding the monastery during ShoE´s absence, but now since she returned from Japan, we are into a higher gear to set up for the upcoming sesshins. We will have a zoom sesshin with 18 people followed by an Osesshin with 70 people and Harada Roshi joining in person. It is an intense traning time for all of us, so much needed in these noisy outer days. Very much looking forward to greeting you all here soon.

Time is flying... already end of September

This month was dedicated to the old silage lake, we needed to use the dry summer months to find a good solution for it. 4-5 professionals came by with different solutions, and since ShoE is in Japan, Basti took on this huge project, welding a metal plate in front of the conecting pipe, organizing the cement truck (three truck loads or 22,5 qm of cement (the huge truck with the pump did not manage to get pass the apple tree...) and helper Heiner, making the connecting edge with cement between wall and bottom. Werner joined in to help close some cracks. So now the rainy season has started and water will collect naturally. We will need to keep an eye on the walls now, which have cracks, and see how much more efforts needs to be put into it.

This project is made possible thanks to a generous donation of Shogen Koji.

SEPTEMBER .... harvest time.....

Evelin helping with the harvest, Basti up the tree shaking down the plums, a window cleaning robot donated by Lydia is of greatest help... a lake for the thirsty bees is being prepared by Werner and Basti... chairs donated by Oma Hilde....and the door is finally painted

Because of our website being down, we have been missing to share many moments with you during the last months. Here just a brief summary: