The Monastery

Entrance Gate

Welcome to Shodo Harada Roshi`s monastery in Europe, situated in Germany.

Inside Zendo

Our smaller zendo is heated and well insulated. We use it for smaller sesshins and our Monday zazen group. 

It was named by Roshi: Lion´s Den

The Big Zendo

The big zendo can seat up to 120 people, it is insulated and has heating now. The hall has an impressive atmosphere and great acustics. We use it for all the sesshins with Shodo Harada Roshi, also in the winter time.

The zendo was named: Great Awakening Hall

Tea House

In this former chickenhouse, we enjoy the gatherings with Harada Roshi, sharing Japanese sweets and a cup of green tea, while listening to the answers to the guests´questions.

The house is named:

Plowing clouds, planting moon seeds.


Hokuozan Sogenji Zen Monastery

Birkenweg 1

27330 Asendorf