2023 in Europe

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Montags Zazen in Hokuozan 

Jeden Montag um 18:30 Uhr
Wir treffen uns für eine Tasse Tee und inspirierende Worte. Danach sitzen wir gemeinsam zwei Mal 25 Minuten Zazen und gehen dann in Stille wieder heim. 



13. Kokuho for Osesshin

14, - 20. Osesshin Sesshin in Hokuozan with Harada Roshi

23. Kokuho for Zoom Sesshin

24– 30. Zoom Sesshin 


18.-21. Shakuhachi and Zen 


6.-12. Zoom Sesshin

16. Kokuho

17.– 23. Hokuozan Osesshin with Harada Roshi

24. Saturday Celebration 

25. – 29. Poland Sesshin 



5.-11. Zoom Sesshin

13. Kokuho

14. – 20. Hokuozan Osesshin with Harada Roshi

21. – 25. Baltic sesshin in Lithuania 


18. Kokuho

19. - 25.  Hokuozan Samu-sesshin with Harada Roshi

Families, Parnter, Parents, Children - everyone welcome


1.-3. Teeseminar mit Jana und Dietrich


5.-11. Zoom Sesshin

18.  Kokuho

19. – 25. Hokuozan OSesshin with Harada Roshi

26. - 30. Denmark Sesshin 


15. - 21. Zoom Sesshin


15. - 21. Zoom Sesshin

New Year

 29.12. - 1.1.2024 New Year Sesshin


Hokuozan Sogenji Zen Monastery

Birkenweg 1

27330 Asendorf




Shodo Harada Roshi comes regularily to his monastery Hokuozan and guides his students in practice. Once a year a Samu Sesshin is held, during which many maintenance projects are being cared for. 
Before joining for an Osesshin, one needs to practice with one of the European groups or participate in a zoom sesshin

Zoom Sesshin

During these sesshins we connect via zoom with the main monastery Sogenji in Japan, and thus are able to listen to the teishos (lectures) given by Harada Roshi and recieve sanzen (individual guidance). 

This sesshin takes place in Hokuozan Germany and is also suited for beginners.

Sesshin in different countries

There are many ODZ Zendos all over Europe as you can see in the community section, where regular practice is being offered. There you can join also as a beginner to get to know the basics of Zen practice.