New Year Poem


Given in the Hondo of Sogenji at 4 am in the morning

Saitan no Ge  -  New Year´s Poem 2024

Difficult to eliminate those resentful karmic connections

The staff changing into a dragon drinking down heaven and earth

in front of the altar for new years limitless feelings

that There will be peace in the world thanks to the ancient´s Grace

It is so difficult to let go of the karmic connection of resentment. Yet there is a way of how to resolve it:

As Unmon says: "The staff turns into a dragon and drinks down the whole world."

So how about it, you have no more place to stand on. Where will you place your feet? If you have had this experience, then a world of happiness and peace will come forth.

For new Years in front of the altar of Bodhidaruma, taking this awakening of mind and vowing to Bodhidaruma, that peace will be brought into this world thanks to the ancients` grace.