Collection of Poems from 2023

The collection is not complete yet, we are still gathering them all.

Saitan No Ge - New Year´s Poem 2023


the world is Disturbed by chaotic Wars

When will the day come that the people finally recieve peace?

The oyster bearing a rabbit-pearl is of deep deep meaning

Radiating complete Purity through heaven and earth 

Closing Poem for the Snow Training Period

The great death is the best way to return to our pure root

Abiding no place from ancient times until today

our life is freely functioning within it 

Whether coming or going, to share Buddha´s grace is our obligation

Memorial Poem for the Passing into Nirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha

Seeing from the true eyes for eighty years, 

bringing calm to unending loved beings

Inexhaustible teachings without a single rest

Finally a regretful departure presenting Nirvana

Opening Poem for the New Rainy Training Period


Not searching for truth, not discarding delusion

Neither the unformulated truth – naturally obvious

From deep mind the imperceivable world

 During ninety days - unending empty mind

Poem to celebrate the Birthday of Shakyamuni Buddha

Cherry blossoms everywhere - the sun is smelling of spring

Is there anyone who is not the Only One in this world?

The ending age is filled with insane sorrow

Everyone´s own experience is needed to show gratitude and respect.

April Osesshin in Hokuozan

Opening Poem

Empty minded enso brings heaven and earth to rest

Fair and just - what is there to be discussed?

Everyone sitting together within the boundaries of Hokuozan

Not giving up until the root of True Nature is realized


Closing Poem

The last word creates an immeasurably deep mind

Distinctions settle in equality, from equality distinctions arise

Nothing pressed into a fixed form is Zen

South North East West - I leave it up to you where to go

At night together we bathe in the Buddha light shining bringhtly

Closing Poem for this year´s rainy training period

Teaching over and over until the wisdom is brighty clarified

The wind of truth shines according to the karmic connection with this wisdom

Abiding no where, mind is purified


From awakened mind, we bow in thankfulness to the Buddha

Snow Training Period opening Poem by Shodo Harada Roshi

Hot wind gone, now entering the cool autumn

The snow training period of 90 days begins

This perfect time to seek truth in sanzen


Bring your vow to completion !

October Sesshin Denmark

Opening Poem 

Buddhas and sentient beings are like water and ice, 

if sentient being open their eyes, all is Buddha Nature

Recieving in thankful the great wisdom of Hakuin Zenji

everyone here needs to straighten your collar


Closing Poem 

from the origin all existence is Buddha Nature

Each and every one of us needs to realize this deeply

With immovable faith moving ahead in this realization


Only from there true functioning is possible

Rohatsu 2023 Memorial Poem 

In the four worlds wars everywhere while 40 people sit deeply the sesshin

The noisy news enters yet passes through like wind

Serene cold piercing through to the bones cutting all internal obstructions

Tasting this awakening of the Buddha the energy to liberate all arises

Tsuisendo Yamada Mumon Roshi Memorial Poem

This karmic connection is truly hard to grasp

Holding up strong to that unsparing teaching

Being hit when understood, being hit even more when not understood

Still now it is so lonely, sad and painful without him


There!!!  In Sogenji´s sky, the slim moon is him shining brightly !